Automated Testing

Our Expertise

Automated testing is a perfect way to make sure that the new product versions do not introduce bugs or break the functionality. When compared to manual testing, QA automation has numerous benefits.

It can reduce the costs, reduce time to market, optimize the development workflows, and improve the final product.


Automated tests are faster than a team of manual QA engineers. A great advantage is that tests can run in parallel. Hence various devices, browsers as well as platforms can be tested at the same time, resulting in faster time to market.


Periodic regression is a must as new codes have the potential to break things. For ensuring quality, automated tests can be run multiple times as needed without the need to pay for manual tests over and over again.


QA automation helps to test multiple complicated scenarios and business logic in a reliable way. It saves a lot of effort when compared to manual testing.


There is always a possibility of Human error in manual testing. An individual who is performing extensive testing repeatedly can skip a scenario or forget documenting a particular error. On the other hand, automated testing runs in a 100% consistent manner.


Web Testing Automation

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • UI and mockup Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Field validation Testing
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Localization Testing

Mobile Testing Automation

  • Testing of native, hybrid and web mobile apps
  • Cloud services for testing
  • Parallel Testing for enhanced speed
  • Use of real devices and emulators
  • Cross-platform support
  • 100% visibility of results

API Testing Automation

  • API testing automation
  • SOAP web services and RESTful APIs
  • Customized HTTP Client
  • Cloud services for testing
  • Support for all the industry-standard data serialization formats
  • Non-UI functional testing